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for your health, comfort and feeling of uniqeness

Allow us to care for Your Health, not only for your diseases.

Live fully, be yourself, have a joy at thinking, feeling and movement.

What is important for you is important for your health as well.


Mind&Body medical center - health for your Body and Mind


New price list valid from March 1st 2016


Capacity of GP Progam Standard is full

For this reason we do not admit any new clients to this program by 1st January 2016. We continue admitting new clients for long term care only to other psychosomatic/stress management programs. Single examinations (working ability, preventive check-ups and other) covered directly by client or by employer will by provided on demand depending on our current availabilty. 


Osteopathy in Mind&Body center not available from December 2017

By December 2017 we do not provide osteopatic treatments due to maternity leave of our osteopath Zuzka Janakova. We expect Zuzka to join us again in 2019. Follow please our webpage for updates!


Stress, anxiety, fear, negative emotions

Do you want to know how these influence you and your health? Would you like to manage them better and do more for your health? Would you like to improve your wellbeing and your job and sport performance?  

Activate your inner brake with HRV-biofeedback! Qiu biofeedback

You can buy it or rent the device in Mind&Body.

Try it free at Mind&Body reception desk!


Feldenkrais method: By May 2014 we are pleased to offer you in Mind&Body center the treatment by Feldenkrais method, which restitutes your natural movement performance. Learn more about the method here. Lecturer of the method is Mgr. Miroslava Kovářová, ArtD. 


Do you have health troubles which can not be puzzled out by standard approach od modern western medicine? Is your body sensitive to life changes and stressful situations? Do you suffer from palpitations or epizodes of impaired breathing or digestion? Is your life limited by pain of back, muscles, joints or other body parts?


Are you searching for complex, thorough and friendly general medical care in English language? Do you prefere to have your GP always ready to solve your health problems and available for you on phone and email?


Do you suffer from back pain or pain of muscles or joints? Have you been diagnosed with impaired intervertebral disc? Are you after an injury or surgery? Do you have wrong body posture, scoliosis or other problems with movement or musculosceletal system? Do you know that organ dysfunction can be caused by dysfunction of the spine?


Would you like to manage better mental stress and difficult life situations? Are you bothered by mental tension, low self-confidence or shyness? Do you suffer from exhaustion or sleeping disturbances? Are you stuck in partnership crisis? Do you want to manage better your emotions? Are you searching for the best proffesion for you?