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 MUDr. Lenka Bachratá

General practitioner for adults

  • join us to get precise and friendly medical care
  • we care for your health, not only for your diseases
  • we provide on-time appointments for each examination, which you can book online or by phone
  • we offer both traditional and modern medical approaches
  • you will always get immediate care in case of acute conditions
  • 24/7 phone counselling, acute examinations and  home visits
  • we approach mental and spiritual balance as an essential part of human health

Year-round medical programs:

Program Standard (30€/year) - no new admittions after December 31st 2015!  

Basic general health care program of standard extent covered by slovak health insurance companies. We offer proffesional and friendly approach and very good availability. Every client can use the opportunity to make early reservation on time via phone or our on-line reservation system.


Program Prima        (80€/year)

Program Komfort    (150€/year)

Program Extra         (500€/year)

These programs are focused on psychosomatic, social and behavioral aspects of health. All of them include general medical care covered by health insurance as well. 

These programs differ from each other by the extent of therapies and extra services.

Complete price list and more extensive information about all provided services you can find here.

Each program starts with either psychosomatic (Happy) or stress oriented (Relax) consultation, which are focused on essential  aspects of individual lifestyle, personal strengths and dispositions to health disorders and diseases. It can help to reveal individual psycho-social profile and load of stress and tension, which are considered to be strongly linked to most frequent diseases and well-being.

Using HRV analysis and biofeedback we estimate your stress load and your ability to relax effectively, which is very important for the regeneration of both body and mind. We will try to help you better perceive your body feelinggs and signals to better understand and fulfill needs of your body. We focus our attention also to breathing and muscle tension, which are both influenced by stress, mental attitude and lifestyle. 
Our goal is to help you find your own way of life, motivation and your Self.

In the treatment we preferably tend to use natural remedies, trying to activate everyone´s self-healing abilities. In indicated cases we of course use also the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of contemporary medicine.

 We cooperate with specialists of both conventional and alternative medicine.



Other services of General practice

Single examinations, medical check-ups, vaccination, infusion treatment, blood work, ECG, CRP – POCT, HRV analysis and biofeedback and more

We have contracts with all slovak health insurance companies.

Hours of attendance



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Make an appointment, contact us to get more information:

  • On-line Reservation system
  • Phone: 0903534112 
  • E-Mail: Please feel free to contact our reception (info [at] mindandbody [dot] sk) for more information.