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From April 2015 we would like to welcome in our team nem therapist, osteopath Zuzka Janakova.

After completion of her Bachelor Degree in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy, London UK (2008), Zuzka Zuzka Janakovaworked in various Osteopathic and multidisciplinary clinics in the UK and Canada. Originally form Slovakia,  Zuzka has recently relocated back to Europe and is looking forward to providing osteopathic treatments in Bratislava.

 Zuzka considers herself a structural osteopath using a wide range of techniques to treat  musculoskeletal, postural, pregnancy, injury related dysfunctions and other health problems affecting the body’s homeostatic function. She also uses cranio-sacral techniques to remove any restrictions within the cranio-sacral mechanism and visceral techniques to promote the function and health of the viscera.

 She is currently also pursuing a Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Diploma (2015) at the British School of Osteopathy, enhancing her skills and knowledge  and enabling her to work with babies and young children.

 Zuzka has many years of experiences working in various health care positions, including working with disabled children and adults  in California USA, treating HIV patients in London UK, and volunteering her time working with disadvantaged communities in the Dominican Republic. Her individually tailored treatments will suit  professional athletes providing conditioning and rehabilitation, older patients for gentle mobilization and prevention of injury, expectant mothers to help with the sudden postural change and colicky babies or children with recurrent ear infections or other health problems.


 Postgraduate Certifica in Specialized Paediatric Practice - Currently at the British School of Osteopathy London, UK     (2015 - 2016)

 B.Ost.,  Bachelor Degree of Osteopathy (2004 - 2008), British School of Osteopathy, London ,UK

 Stredna Zdravotnicka Skola Zilina, attended first year of Physiotherapy diploma program (1999 -2000)


 June 2010 - The Best of Dr Viola Frymann, 27th Internationa Symposium on traditional Osteopathy in Montreal,   Canada

 July 2012 - Osteopathy And Obstetrics, British School of Osteopathy, London, UK

 October 2012 - Minimal Leaver Adjustment Course, Nova Scotia Osteopathic Association , Canada

 January 2013 - Emergency First Aid and CPR course, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada

 April 2013 - Osteopathic Obstetrics; a closer look at maternal care, Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths, Halifax ,  Canada


Common but not exclusive conditions treated by an Osteopath :

 Children’s Issues

    •       colic

    •       spitting up

    •       sucking difficulty

    •       birth trauma

    •       otitis media

    •       torticollis



    •       neck pain

    •       back pain and joint pain

    •       sciatica

    •       headaches and migraines

    •       jaw pain and TMJ syndromes

    •       acute and chronic pain

    •       pelvic pain dysfunction


Systemic Problems

    •       digestive disturbances

    •       edema and swelling

    •       circulatory problems

    •       urogenitial problems

    •       neurological syndrome


Pregnancy Issues

    •       back pain

    •       pelvic pain

    •       edema and swelling

    •       digestive disturbances


Respiratory Issues

    •       asthma

    •       bronchitis

    •       pleurisy

    •       allergies


Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

    •       chronic ear infections

    •       sinusitis

    •       tinnitus


What to expect at first visit?

 Your first appointment with an osteopath will consist of the following:

    A full history taking:

   Questions about your previous injuries, operation and function of various body systems will be    asked and noted.

     An examination:

            The osteopath will perform a physical evaluation to determine your condition and ensure that you are safe to receive osteopathic manual treatment. You may be asked to perform some simple movements to asses range of motion, muscle tone and mobility of your joints.

       Osteopath will then review the findings of the examination and explain the diagnosis of your presenting problem. Based on all information , the osteopath will suggest the appropriate treatment plan. 



     Osteopaths use various techniques. They are individually tailored specifically for the patient’s        presenting problem. The techniques can vary, commonly used techniques amongst osteopaths are  gentle mobilization and articulation of joints, High Velocity Trust, soft tissue, massage, muscle energy techniques, stretching, cranio-sacral technique, visceral release and others.


 Testimonials for Zuzka:

“I have been a client of Zuzka's and had great results. She provided expert service, professional care and was empathetic to the issues surrounding my health. With her treatment and guidance the issue has been resolved and I have had no recurrences. I highly recommend Zuzka.”                                                                                 Peter Z., Nova Scotia,  Canada

“I have sought relief from the pain associated with my condition for years, using chiropractic, acupuncture and drugs with limited success. Zuzka effectively relieves my pain in short order and I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort. Zuzka has an amazing knowledge of human physiology and uses her skills to relieve pain. Her ability to isolate the cause of my pain and relieve that pain through massage and stretching is amazing.” 

Roy B., Nova Scotia, Canada       

 “Zuzka Janakova treated me nine times during a twelve months period commencing March 2009 for lower back and hip problems at the Southport Osteopathic Practice, UK.    I was extremely satisfied with the treatment she gave me and found her excellent in her understanding of my situation and sympathetic to my needs.   Zuzka also treated my wife for a trapped sciatic nerve on three occasions and she was very pleased with the treatment she received.”                                                 Keith B., Southport , UK