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MUDr. Andrea Hergottová
MUDr. František Cibulčík

Upgraded neurological clinic with an individual approach.  

Neurological examination is recommended if you have back pain, headaches, light-headedness "dizziness", pain in the limbs, tingling or numbness of hands and feet, tremors and restlessness of the limbs, cramps in the limbs, weakness and clumsiness of limbs, loss of muscle, uncertain gait, past stroke "defeat", forgetfulness, and behavioral changes.




Additional information:

  • Languages: english, deutch
  • Insurance: Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa


Medical Center
Kvačalova 26-28
821 01 Bratislava

Phone:02/209 100 13
Mobil: 0917 364 080
E-mail: neurogram [at] neurogram [dot] sk

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